Saturday, April 12, 2014

Run a query on multiple schemas postgres

If you have one huge database with multiple schemata in it, one for each customer (single database, multi tenant model), then from time to time you might have to run a query on all schemata, for example - getting a build number or user count etc. You could either write a shell script to bring all tenants from a tenant list and build sql queries to execute dynamically or you could use a function in postgres pl sql. Below is the function to get a count of users from all schemata, querying the table tUser:

-- create a record for the returned data 
DROP FUNCTION IF EXISTS count_em_all ();
DROP TYPE IF EXISTS table_count;
CREATE TYPE table_count AS (table_name TEXT, num_rows INTEGER); 

   CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION count_em_all () RETURNS SETOF table_count  AS 
       the_count RECORD; 
       t_name RECORD; 
       r table_count%ROWTYPE; 

       -- list the schemas
       FOR t_name IN 
         select distinct schemaname
         from pg_catalog.pg_tables
         where tablename = 'tUser' --and schemaname not ilike 'something|_you|_liketofilter%' escape '|'      
               -- Run your query on each schema
               FOR the_count IN EXECUTE 'SELECT COUNT(*) AS "count" FROM "'||t_name.schemaname||'".tUser'
               END LOOP; 

               r.table_name := t_name.schemaname; 
               r.num_rows := the_count.count; 
               RETURN NEXT r; 
           END LOOP; 
   $$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

select count_em_all();